June 23, 2015

Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk Duties and Responsibilities:

Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts

  • Keeps a general court docket in which all names and parties in each case, plea, indictment, records from inferior courts on appeal, and other papers are entered
  • Keeps orders of the court which are referenced in the minute book
  • Keeps the execution docket
  • Enters a full and complete record of the proceedings of the suit

Election Process/Voter Registration Administration

  • Serves as a registrar for voters in the county
  • Collects a filing fee from candidates pursuing a county office or legislative seat within the county
  • Works with the election commission to provide election information (results, candidates, etc.)

Jury Duty

  • Notifies citizens who have been selected to serve on jury duty
  • Prepares a jury list for the attorneys
  • Familiarizes jurors with the courthouse
  • Receives and files all documents during trials
  • Issues subpoenas
  • Conveys jury instructions given by the judge
  • Receives verdicts of jurors and reads them in open court
  • Issues jurors a county warrant (check) and certificate of service (if needed)

Marriage Licenses

  • Files a Statistical Record of Marriage with the Office of Vital Records with the Mississippi State Department of Health
  • Issues the marriage license
  • Collects a filing fee of $22 per marriage record prepared from the applicant

Contact Information:

Cassandra Pulliam
Circuit Clerk

First Judicial District:

1 Pinson Square
Houston, MS 38851
Phone: (662) 456-2331
Fax: (662) 456-4831

Second Judicial District:

234 W. Main St.
Okolona, MS 38860
Phone: (662) 447-2838
Fax: (662) 447-2504

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